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Merco Star Ne Emulsion fruit extract Neem tree. 100 % Organic. High in amino acids.
Biolux New Potassium Soap specially formulated with high purity.
Funtorgan Fungicide. Organic concentrate of Lecithin.
Bio-Quassia Quassia Amara Extract. Insecticide 100 % organic.
Bioallin Garlic extract, natural insect repellent. 100 % organic.
Pelbar New Pyrethroids selected natural extract. Organic insecticide.
Miten Fungicide bactericide Hovicida. Extracto of Citric, 100 % Organic.
Biobass Fortifying Insecticide. Beauveria Bassiana 2.7 %. 100 % Organic.
Citromices Max Fungicide bactericide. Citrus extract + Phosphorus.
Citromices P Fungicida Bactericida. Extracto de Cítricos + Fósforo
Amino Mg Corrector of Magnesium Amino Acid and Phosphorus.
Ceylamices Cinnamon Extract. Anti-mite and Oidium. 100 % organic.
Amino Max Powerful fungicide Amino Acid, Phosphorus and Copper.
Quito Max Chitosan-based insecticide and plant extracts. 100 % organic
Flow Sulfur emulsion 80%. Broad spectrum fungicide.
Maxi Crop
Powerful Enabler efficiency of solid fertilizers and conventional wines.
Crop C+
Enhancer eliminating undesirable residues in crops.

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