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Nutrients and correctors fluids

Special bloom. CAAE Certific
Special growth high in organic nitrogen. CAAE Certificat
Creci Max
BIO - ACCELERATOR vegetative growth. 14.3.3 NPK + M.O.
Flora Max
BIO - STIMULATOR flowering. NPK + microelements + Amino Acids Carboxylic Acids + Ext . Plant.
Organic high nitrogen content. CAAE Certificate.
Fitogreen Ca + Mg
Corrector of calcium and magnesium. CAAE Certificate.
Fitogreen-PNatural High in Phosphorus. CAAE Certificate.
Amino acids 22.5 % 100% Organic. CAAE Certificate.
Plant extract, Amino Acids, 100 % Eco. CAAE Certificat.
Special Root, 100 % Organic. CAAE Certificate.
Bnbat Eco
Very high content of amino acids ( 45% ). CAAE Certificate.
Amino acids, Emulsion 100% pure fruit extract of the neem tree. No residual component . 100 % Organic. CAAE Certificat
Fito Bnbat
Potassium soap art. 100% Biológico.
Bioplasma Genérico
Last generation 100 % organic fertilizer Bio, based on plant extracts, safe, without waste, latest application technique, cell osmosis. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Olivo Plus
More ideal balance boron. Maximum nutrition leaf and root. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Potasio (K)Natural potassium available free of contaminants. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma MicroelementosWith Molybdenum , synergy and maximum 100% ecological translocation.  KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Manganeso
Based generic special bioplasma addition of Mn complexed with concealer. KRAV Certificate.
Enmienda Orgánica
Vegetable exclusively. Organic amendment. Humic extract. KRAV Certificat.
Bioplasma Cinc (Zn)Corrector especial a base de Bioplasma genérico con adición de Zn complejado. Certificado KRAV
Bioplasma Hierro (Fe)
Based generic special bioplasma with addition of iron complexed with amino acids Corrector vegetables. Iron 100 % organic and profitable. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Calcio (Ca)
Based generic special bioplasma added Ca. Natural calcium, nitrogen and plant extracts Corrector. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Magnesio (Mg)
Natural salt from untreated or alterations. 100% Biológico
Bioplasma Aminoacidos
Bioplasma based special 21 % increase in free amino acids of vegetable origin, levógiros and concealer. Certificado KRAV
Bioplasma Fósforo (P)
17% organic, natural, balanced apply foliar and root. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Boro (B)
100% complexed with microelements and microfiltration plant extracts. KRAV Certificate.
Bnbat Antisalino
Adds organic matter, calcium, humic extract, macro - nutrients and amino acids. *Increases C.I.C. *Lowers p.s.i. *Increases natural crop yields and unlock. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma N-Seis
Bioplasma generic high in N-Organic, with microelements and amino acids. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Floración
High in PK. 100 % organic. KRAV Certificate.
Bioplasma Crecimiento
Special growth high in organic nitrogen. 100 % eco. KRAV Certificate.
Bio-Coco A
For crops in coconut fiber. KRAV Certificate.
Bio-Coco B
For crops in coconut fiber. KRAV Certificate.
Humus Lombriz Líquido
No treatments. 100% Organic.
Fitoplasma ACA
100% Organic high in amino acids of vegetable origin. Formulated with the strictest requirements
Bio - EnmiendaHúmica-fúlvica vegetal con N y oligoelementos. Extractos 100 % vegetales, alta riqueza y humificación. 100% Biológico.
Aminostar +
Amino liquid solution the highest concentration ( 60 % ). 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Mg
Amino Acid + Magnesium solution. High technical level. 100 % Organic
Aminostar Mn
Manganese Amino Acid + solution. High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Zn
Amino acids solution + Zinc complexed high technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar B
Amino acids solution + Boro. High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Ca
Amino acids + calcium solution. High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Fe - C
Amino acids solution + Fe Complexed high technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Fe - HA
Amino acids solution + Fe chelated EDDHA. High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Fe - TA
EDTA solution Amino Acid + Fe chelated. Highest technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Ca - Mg
Amino acids solution + Calcium + Magnesium high technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Micros
Amino acids solution + microelements + Molybdenum. High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Vanguard +
Amino acids solution + Iron + Manganese + Zinc. High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar M +Solución de Aminoácidos + Alto contenido en Microelementos. Altísimo nivel técnico. 100% Ecológico.
Aminostar P
Amino acids solution + High content of microelements. High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar K
Amino acids solution + High in Potassium (10,50 %). High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar K +
Amino acids solution + High in potassium (20%). High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar K ++
Amino acids solution + High in potassium (30%). High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Zn
Amino acids solution + High in Zinc (3%). High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Aminostar Mn + Zn
Amino acids solution + High in Manganese (2%) and zinc (1,5 %). High technical level. 100 % Organic.
Cogollos +
Special fructifying. 100 % Organic.
Mega - Green +
Biological activator of flowering and fruiting. 100 % Organic.

Nutrients and correctors solids

The highest level in PK without waste. 100 % organic. KRAV Certificate.
Aminostar WP
50 % Amino solid phase. Technical grade. 100% Ecológical.
Aminostar WP +75% Aminoácidos fase sólida.Grado Técnico. 100% Ecológico.
M Star Max
Pearled amino acids in solid phase. 100% Organic - Ecológical.
Crecimiento Sólido
Organo-mineral fertilizer, NPK 25.6.4. 100% Organic Natural
Floración Sólido
Organo-mineral fertilizer, NPK 4.20.30. 100% Organic Natural.
Maxi Bud
Solid mineral PK fertilizer with microelements and amino acids. High concentration, high purity.
Bioplasma Orgánico100% Ecologic.
Special of Green Point, 100% ecológic witout waste.
Fitoplasma Hidropónico
Very soluble solids mixture of high nutrient richness, without waste. 100% Organic.
Fitoplasma Fe (6%) 4,8
6% EDDHA - 4,8% O-O. 100% Organic.
Elite - Fe (6%) 3,6
Chelated iron to 6%, very soluble solid.
Fitoplasma Ca
Calcium deficiencies corrector solid. 100 % Organic.
Fitoplasma micro - mix
Solid, with NPK and microelements Corrector . 100 % Organic.
Fitoplasma MnCorrector sólido carencias manganeso. 100% Biológico
Fitoplasma Zn
Zinc deficiencies corrector solid. 100 % Organic.
Fitoplasma K
Providing high levels of solid potassium without waste. 100 % Organic.
Sulfato de MagnesioNatural cristalino muy soluble. Procedente de salinas sin tratamientos químicos ni alteraciones. 100% Ecológico
Bioplasma Calcio (Ca)Corrector especial a base de bioplasma genérico con adición de Ca. Calcio natural, Nitrógeno y extractos vegetales. Certificado KRAV
Bioplasma Magnesio (Mg)
Natural crystalline highly soluble . From salt without chemical treatments or alterations. 100 % Organic.
Humus de Lombriz
Own production, 100% vegetable Detritus. 100 % Organic.
Sulfato Cobre Piedra
Green Mix Fe + Mn + Zn100% Ecológical
Molibdeno +
Ammonium heptamolybdate, Technical Grade. High quality, low residual.

Correctors and biological activator

Bioplasma R
Special plant extracts high power curl - genesis mix. Rooting 100 % ecological. KRAV Certificate.
Nitrogen - Fix
Corrector Biological, catalyst , enzyme activator. Increases beneficial microfauna. 100 % Organic.
Activator curdled. 100 % Organic.
Superflora Strong
Flowering activator, 100% Organic.
Maxi Crop +
Powerful Enabler efficiency of solid and conventional fertilizers.
Crop C+ Enhancer eliminating undesirable residues in crops . Adapter MRLs.
Amino Mg
Corrector magnesium with amino acids and phosphorus.


17% potassium soap specially formulated, high purity. Control BCS, OKO, warranty. 100 % Organic.
Amino Max
Fortifying effective against fungal, and protozoan parasites bacteriological attacks.
Organic fungicide concentrate Lecithin. 100 % Organic.
Bio - Quassia
Organic fungicide concentrate Lecithin. 100 % Biológico. Extracto of Quassia Amara. Fortifying . No residual . 100 % Organic.
Garlic extract. natural repellent . 100 % Organic - Ecological.
Pelbar New
Pyrethrum extract > 9% ( Crysantemun cinerariaefolium ) 100 % Organic.
Natural Pyrethrum Extract 15 %. Pyrethroids . 100 % Organic.
Biopel XXX
Natural Pyrethrum Extract 30 %. Pyrethroids . 100 % Organic.
Bioplasma N
Nematicide suspension without waste. Natural fortifier. 100 % Organic.
100 % extract of mimosa tenuiflora, Fungicide broad spectrum (Botrytis, Verticillium, etc.). Radicular route. 100 % Organic.
Fortifying, Beauveria Bassiana 2.7 % 100 % Organic.
Fortifying - fungicide - bactericide - Hovicida. Citrus extract. 100 % Organic.
Antibacterial - Anti Mildew - Fungi - Lichens. Citrus extract + phosphor. 100 % Organic.
Fortifying - Mites - Oidium. Cinnamon extract. 100 % Organic.
Fortifying. Vegetable extracts. Repellent: Birds, rodents, birds, … 100 % Organic.
Pollinators attractant. Plant extracts, curdled activator. 100 % Organic.
Fungi A.A.
Fungicide phosphorus, copper and amino acids. 100 % Organic.
Fungi Mix
Fungicide copper, sulfur, nitrogen and potassium. 100 % Organic.
Fungi +
Natural fungicide pseudomonas. 100 % Organic.
Gel P
Pseudomonas solubilizing phosphorus. 100 % Organic.
Amin B
Pseudomonas for improving flowering and fruit. 100 % Organic.
Quito Max
Chitosan and plant extracts. 100 % Organic.
Equi Max
Plant extracts and Equisetum arvense. 100 % Organic.


PH controller in wines and blends, nitrogenous fertilizers, irrigation systems cleaner, unlocker nutrients without toxic waste.
Tank - Cleaner
Deposits contaminated cleaner. No waste. 100 % Organic.
Lake Colorant
Algaecide in hidrosolubles.
Aqua Clear
Algaecide in hidrosolubles. Alguicida, Fungicide, Bactericide, Organic aquaculture for coexistence with wildlife . 100 % Organic.
Dust against slugs and slugs. 100% natural.
Quillay extract. 100 % Organic.
Protein complex with good against Tuta absoluta effect. 100 % Organic.
Enzyme soap concentrate. 100 % Organic.
Substitute for conventional mineral oils, maximizing the distribution, size and adherence of the particles on the surface of broth. 100 % Organic.
Indut Antibotritis
Vegetable extracts. 100 % Organic.
Emulsion 80% sulfur flow. Colloidal suspension, Hight wealth. Broad spectrum fungicide. 100 % Organic.
Sabor +
Enhancer of the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. 100 % Organic.
The Liquid products are available in the following packaging: 30 ml., 50 ml., 100 ml., 300 ml., 500 ml., 1 L., 5 L., 25 L. y 1.000 L.

The solid products are available in the following packaging: 100 gr., 250 gr., 500 gr., 1 Kg., 5 Kg. y 25 Kg.

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