International Distributors

Nowadays grew point fertilizers, s.l. Has a presence in a lot of countries, among the most important are the following:

  • Camboya

  • Vietnam

  • Venezuela

  • Paraguay

  • Colombia

  • Marruecos

  • Rumanía

  • Portugal

  • España

  • USA

For this purpose, we have a large production of resources and treatments made under the strictest rules of the ecological agriculture (organic) certified by the most prestigious companies in the international sector.


In green point we are manufacturers and distributors of our products whose common denominator is the biggest nutritional and and fortifier efficacy for the agricultural crops, with an absolute respect for the environment, in a context which adds permanently the most useful technological innovations and the chemical, biological and recent research concepts, with a tested efficacy in our laboratories and test fields.


Our scientific support lets us, correctly, work with the most appropriate compounds without inconveniences because of its nature or specifity, incorporating the last generation physico-chemical material, unicelular freshwater micro-algae, amino-purine, auxin, cyto-iclnins, vegetal amino, lignosulfonates, seaweed, beneficial bacteria, and a long ust, which includes any beneficial material for the best activity of the products, necessarily designed to be 100% ecological (organic), 100% biological or conventional in the lowest residual level.


The formulation techniques used, adapt permanently to the newest non-residual production systems, being our main principle the proposal of industrial, domestic and clean crops.


We protect the nature and environment and we prioritize the best result of the domestic and industrial crops entrusted to our treatments. We facilitate non-residual, last generation resources to the conventional agriculture.


We provide great value of the treatments, which represents the best result in production costs.

Green Point Fertilizers S.L.U. - Main group companies and associates

Our group of own and associated companies research, innovates, makes formulae and commercialise a wide range of the latest generation Bio-Ecological Agronutrients, basing on the use of organic and inorganic 100% Ecological raw materials.


We are organised starting from three companies partly owned by the same family and a group of associated companies whose roles we will describe now.


The installed capacity of our factories multiplies because of an international net of established partnerships, which make us very flexible and completely competitive.


We also have a wide net of researching centres associated which let us the access to the most update techniques in vegetal nutrition.


Nowadays, starting from our infrastructures and diversity of partnerships, we have bio technological activation lines ranging from the use of nano-particles in our products, to the combination of ecological nutrients with microbiological beneficial exudates and last generation catalysts.


Being in permanent growth process, our current proposal insists on the establishment of new manufacturing factories in every continent which authorizes the introduction of our particular way of processing the nutritional and vegetal resources and our guidelines to make sustainable agriculture.



Nutritional Bio-Stimulants

  • Design and formulation.

  • Production and manufacturing.

  • Delivering.

  • Installed volume with capacity for the production of 600 tm/month of special products.

  • Supply chain and national and international delivery network wnici4 enables shipments to arrived in the fixed times.

  • High level quality control systems.

  • Vegetable and fruit production.

  • Test fields control.

  • Products delivery.

  • Agricultural production delivery.

  • General control of marketing.

  • Exploitation protocols and documentation:

  • Security sheets (msds), compositions, data sheets

  • Assocated company whose shareholding is equally controlled by our group.

  • Delegation and offices of the group in the usa.

  • Installations and delivery of our registered products in california.

  • Holder of our products and certificates in the usa.

  • It analyses new agricultural technologies

Main commercial conditions | Green Point Fertilizers S.L.U.

Main commercial conditions


a) Periods to satisfy a request or order:

Periods of delivery (EX WORK) are established in a way never up to fifteen working days (15 days) for Europe, and thirty-five working days (35 days) for the rest of the world, counting from the acceptance of payment by the financial department of green point.


b) Capacity/volume of production:

Because of the structure and great flexibility of Green Point and its group of companies, due to its excellent relations with associated and cooperating companies nationally and internationally, the own productive capacity of the group is 600 tm / month of different products, proving that with the appropriate programming we can multiply exponientally our production, reaching more than 6.000 Tm / month if it would be necessary.


c) Types of containers:

Our organisation has all types of containers for the shipment of the goods, according to the customer needs, being the most used the standard measure 40´.


d) Commercial terms:

More usual incoterms: cif, fob and ex work.

Accepted payment options by the Company. Credit invoice by the following procedures:


1. Irrevocable and divisible letter of credit, payable on delivery f the documentation of the order made. It must be understood that for being merchandising deliveries.


“Ex Work” in our stores in Algarrobo, Málaga, spain, in the procedural point it must say, “the documentary letter of credit will be paid 100% at sight when the presentation of the documents i received with the merchandise: “Parking List + Commercial Invoice” in the number of originals established, or + BL if deliveries FOB or CIF are agreed”.


The Formulator-Manufacturer and the Purchaser´s Banks details will also be incorporated into the contract.


2. 50% in advance and 50% on delivery of the documentation. This method will be normally

Credited at a discount to value of the invoiced merchandise. Consult when ordering.


3. Payment of the total invoice in advance. This method establishes a discount on the value of the invoiced merchandise. Consult when ordering.



Green point fertilizers logistics centers



Málaga: Polígono de Cajiz, C/ Las Guirnaldas, Nave 50 29792- Cajíz– Vélez- Málaga, MÁLAGA (ES)
More logistics centers in spain:

  • Valencia.
  • Gijón.
  • Murcia - Forwarding Logistics Center.

Other logistics centers in south america:

  • Asunción (Paraguay).


Main test and bio-chemical manufacturing plants associated with our business group:

  • Rafelbunyol (Valencia - Spain).
  • Universidad de Málaga (Málaga - Spain).
  • Universidad de Upsala (Upsala - Sweden).
  • Virudhunagar (India).
  • Alhama de Murcia (Murcia - Spain).
  • Tartas (France).

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